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Power Transmission Services have undertaken an interesting array of projects over the last few years. Here are a selection of some of them to give you an idea of the type of work we can do.

Bombay mix drive. Courtesy of Patak's Foods Machine guard. Courtesy of Nichirin UK

The range of our expertise is considerable. The examples you see here are a mixture of new design, refurbishment, modification and repeat-build. Whether it's a cutter for potato cakes, a machine for coiling bedsprings, or a mixer drive for Indian food, we're able to help.

Accumulation table. Courtesy of James Briggs Ltd Potato cake cutter. Courtesy of Country Oven

Remember, we can help you create your idea from scratch, or we can modify an existing arrangement to give more efficient production. We can offer assistance at the design stage, build the machine to your drawing or simply manufacture the parts. It's up to you.

A-frame. Courtesy of Carpenter PLC Elevator conveyor. Courtesy of CMJ Installations

We aim to provide flexibility and continuity, using products readily available in the market. Our after-sales service is one of our strengths. And we know that if you get the right solution at the right price, you'll come back to us again and again.

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The satisfaction of the customers we have credited here is testimony to our ability. Why not be one of them? Contact us and we'll be in touch today to discuss your requirements.

A big thank you to the following, without whose loyalty and support this page would not have been possible:
    James Briggs (ITW) Ltd
    Country Oven Ltd
    Nichirin UK Ltd
    AB World Foods Ltd
    Carpenter PLC
    CMJ Installations